Online Application for New Product/Technology

23 April 2021

Before submitting an application through this portal, please carefully read and take note of the following:

Any application submitted without the requested information and/or supporting documentation below will be rejected.

If an application is submitted and there is a consumable and capital component linked to it, ensure that it is indicated as such on the application and that all relevant information is submitted.

Ensure that the application is completed fully and questions are not answered with ‘N/A’, ‘refer to IFU’ or ‘same as other products in the range’ as the application is seen as a chance for you to promote your product.

  • Valid ISO 13485 Certificate: Applicable to the manufacturing facility
  • Valid CE certification and/or FDA approval for the actual product / product range being applied for
  • Brochures and/or Product Catalogues
  • Funder approval
  • Pricing proposal (which can be completed on the portal or submitted as PDF)
  • Consumables only: Orderwise price files are updated as per the pricing proposal submitted
  • Packs/Kits to include the bill of material (BOM) – as part of the pricing proposal and submission

'Instructions for Use' and additional brochures or any other relevant product or clinical information can be included.

  • The information required here is of the closest product to the product being applied for; please provide the product name and supplier.
  • If the product being applied for is replacing another product, the information of the product being replaced needs to be provided.

Normal turnaround time on product applications is 4-6 weeks.

We trust this information will assist you in completing the application according to the minimum requirements.