The Medical Team for this event provides care and support to all participants who may become ill or suffer injuries on event day.

We respond to a host of medical conditions varying in their priority status and provide care and treatment when required both during or straight after the event.

The purpose of this pre-screening medical questionnaire is to protect you and provide us with the information required to manage you optimally in case of ANY untoward medical emergency. The information provided has been carefully selected to identify any risks and minimize the chances of you suffering any major adverse events. It is aimed at being a pro-active screening tool geared at assisting us to supply you with guidelines and information to give your best possible performance on the day.

The medical questionnaire consists of a series rapid tick response questions relating to your medical history, previous medical complications during races or training and common injuries. Depending on your medical condition the questionnaire should take approximately 5-10 minutes to complete. In the interests of your health and safety, the medical team may contact you before or after the race for further information about any medical conditions or injuries you may have to assist you with some relevant advice.

At the end of this questionnaire, we will ask you to consider giving consent for your medical information to be used for ongoing research in our effort to improve standards of medical care and race safety. In the research component, your identity will be anonymized and the information only utilized for the purposes set out in the consent form.

The Mediclinic corporate events team, in conjunction with the event organisers take the safety of the participants and crew very seriously and appreciate your time and diligence in completing this form – it could save your life. Please complete this form as accurately as possible.

Mediclinic Race Team

I give consent to participate in the research study